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Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

£79.99 £67.99

Brand: Bosch Home and GardenFeatures: On/off switch on handle , Power input - 1.2000 Watts , Power output - 650 W SDS system for easy insertion of the template guide Vacuum adaptor and clamping lever Speed adjustment via setting wheel Column guides with protective rubber sleeves Binding: DIY & ToolsDetails:...

Brand: Bosch Home and Garden


  • On/off switch on handle , Power input - 1.2000 Watts , Power output - 650 W
  • SDS system for easy insertion of the template guide
  • Vacuum adaptor and clamping lever
  • Speed adjustment via setting wheel
  • Column guides with protective rubber sleeves

Binding: DIY & Tools

Details: Product Description The POF 1200 ACE has a number of useful features. Bosch routers are versatile and highly creative power tools. Routers work on the principle of ‘machining’ or ‘milling’ the material, i.e. they cut off and remove small chips, giving the workpiece a new shape. Once you’ve got to know how useful they are, you won’t know how you did without them. Routers allow users to be creative, putting their ideas into practice. They are one of the most versatile power tools for working on wood. They enable you to work with an extremely high level of convenience and precision. Professional results can be achieved in comparatively little time and with precision. Routers are suitable for: Edges and profiles: Build your own furniture and use the router to quickly profile the edges and to create your own personal style. Grooves: With parallel guide or guide rail you can easily rout grooves and rebates. This is an easy and effortless way to obtain sturdy wood joints. Template routing: For surface decoration or the coping of individual shapes. Free-handed routing: Decorations, patterns, shapes and writing characters are all possible when working with a router. For this purpose the machine is guided freely over a design pattern traced with carbon paper onto the workpiece. There are many applications for a router, such as edge forming, grooving in wood, shaping, straight routing or groove cutting, core box routing, chamfering, mortising, laminate trimming, v-grooving and lettering, decorative grooving, frame routing, edge forming, drilling, rebating, profiling, rounding over, long-hole routing and copy routing. The heart of the POF 1200 ACE is its motor, which makes the cutter (bit) rotate at speeds of up to 28,000 revolutions per minute. The motor position is on top of the milling cage, a kind of frame that allows the router bit to plunge into the material precisely from above with a maximum plunge depth or stroke of 55 mm. Depth Step The depth stop allows precise depth settings even in the plunged position. The easily adjustable depth stop rod with zero point setting is equipped with a scale in millimetres and inches. The depth stop can be adjusted in three stages. In this way you can pre-program successive cutting depths in one go. A spring loaded lever ensures that the plunge mechanism can be safely and easily loosened and tightened. Spindle Lock The spindle lock allows you to block the motor drive shaft. This helps you change the router bit with only one tool (without countering) easily and fast. Bayonet Fitting for Template Guides - Bosch SDS Template guides allow you to work with pre-fabricated templates. Bosch routers feature the suitable SDS bayonet fitting for template guides. The SDS system allows quick template guide changes without additional tools. Easy Electronics Electronic pre-selection of speed, control-electronic with speed selection ensures the optimal cutting speed especially when working with difficult materials (such as aluminium, mineral-bonded plastic or hard wood). Don’t Let the Dust Fly An extraction adapter is a must for clean work. Two knurled screws are used to attach the adapter to the base plate, which is then linked up to a vacuum cleaner by a hose. You can use this for connection to a Bosch all-purpose vacuum cleaner or an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. Dust is directly extracted at the router bit via the extraction and fed to the vacuum cleaner. Other Features The POF 1200 ACE has a high range of additional features that help make it a pleasure to use. A transparent chip guard protects you from chips flying around and leaves a clear view of the workpiece. The sturdy aluminium footplate comes with an optimised removable plastic gliding shoe that ensures frictionless working. The ergonomic design with softgrip helps users to balance the centre of gravity, which ensure safe guidance of the machine and higher convenience. The on/off switch is built into the handle grip.

Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches

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